William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879)

William Lloyd Garrison war sehr in der Sklavenbefreiung engagiert, nicht nur verbal.

Aber wie hart sein Aufstieg war:

Nachdem er eine Basis hatte, engagierte er sich:

Von ihm wurden auch Texte in Freedoms Lyre (1840,59) aufgenommen:

The hour of freedom! come it must –
oh! hasten it in mercy, Heav´n!
When all, who grovel in the dust,
Shall stand erect, their fetters riv´n.

When glorious freedom shall be won
By ev´ry caste, complexion, clime;
When tyranny shall be o´erthrown,
And color cease to be a crime!

Friend of the poor, long-suff´ring Lord!
This guilty land from ruin save;
Let Justice sheathe her glitt´ring sword,
And Mercy rescue from the grave.

And ye, who are like cattle sold,
Ignobly trodden like the earth,
And barter´d constantly for gold –
Your souls debas´d from their high birth –

Bear meekly still your cruel woes,
Light follows darkness – comfort, pain;
So time shall give you sweet repose,
And sever ev´ry hateful chain.

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